"We can't help everyone, but everybody can help someone."

SPICE foundation has been registered under the society act of 1860 (Reg. No. GOR/02728/2019,2020 from the government of India. N.C.T New Delhi and working in different fields of educational and commercial training. SPICE foundation is the educational society found by intellectual and industries veteran with a vision to prepare the next generations by providing excellent learning. the framework that prepares students to compete in a diverse world market.

The Foundation (Spice) provides Merit-cum-Means Scholarships to exceptionally talented but poor students in India pursuing professional courses. The foundation awards scholarships to recent high school students who are the top rankers in national/state level common entrance tests, based on which they have secured admissions to quality institutes/colleges.

The Foundation focuses on providing scholarships, grants, and awards in various fields to outstanding young Indians to enable them to develop their professional, scientific, artistic, and cultural abilities in India. It prides itself on being open to a wide range of subjects, many of which are not covered by other fund-giving bodies.

The key to the Spice approach is recognizing and honoring individual talent. The Foundation looks for the unusual, searches out the special, and spots people with promise. And once convinced, the Foundation does everything possible to encourage the candidate.


“To transform the lives of people in India through education by providing financial assistance and recognition to them, across all age groups and income strata.”


The Foundation is committed to the idea of education devoted to the founding of a just, productive, and cultured society. It emphasizes the equality of opportunity to help students what they want to become so that they have a choice and are not dictated by necessity. Is it committed to enable economically disadvantaged groups to access to be able to study in those institutions, which give access to academic excellence, structures of power, and economic opportunity? It is also committed to supporting all activities and institutions which provide student better experience of excellence in all fields.

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