"Our commitment is to make learning a joyous journey and not a burden."

Spice is not just a foundation for me. It is a way of expressing my gratitude to the society that has given me so much love and respect. I have always felt that it is my duty to give back to society. While setting up the foundation I met a lot of people who shared my vision for an ideal society and wanted to bring about real positive change. I am proud of the fact that today Spice India foundation is not just ensuring education for the Underprivileged but it is also empowering many young lives. Our foundation is enabling women to support their families and is ensuring that there are proper sanitation facilities for every individual

Gaining Momentum for Innovation

Our minds are like the sea, deep as our thoughts. Ideas are generated by the mind when it is exposed to knowledge or the environment in exactly the same way as water rises as vapour under the hot sun to create clouds. Ideas are processed to create innovation. Passionate individuals make innovation their life work. The ship of real innovators transforms all storms into a motivating push!
We aim to faster and fiercely protect the bright spontaneity in each child. Our commitment is to make learning a joyous journey and not a burden.

Dr. Ankur Singh
(MCA, DNYS, Phd.)